At Rolfing Vermont, our approach to Rolfing is non-traditional. Far more gentle and less invasive than traditional Rolfing, we also encourage our patients to largely self-determine when their treatments are complete or have provided the desired relief and effect.

As a result, for most of our patients, we are able to fully address all their initial symptoms as well as completely correct the misalignments and perceptions that were the root CAUSE of these issues in as few as 3-8 sessions, rather than the standard 10 Session series prescribed by traditional Rolfing modalities.

Additionally, we combine Rolfing with a very personalized approach to Brain-Move techniques to address each individual’s specific relationship between their brains impulses (from sensory to memory) and it’s relationship to and affect upon the nervous system, postural positioning and bio-mechanics.

These Brain-Move techniques apply principles from Somatic Experiencing, developmental psychology, evolutionary biology, Motivational Interviewing, and neuroplasticity. It is well known that the Central Nervous System (brain processing and dorsal root spinal reflexes) are the precursors to how we move, perform, age. The bottom-up approach of manual therapy (working with the local nerves, muscles, and skin) respond much better to changes and new options for movement and posture, when the top-down processing of the CNS can also be shown safety, and the possibility for new options. Then, change from yourself and within yourself can embody the new options and change your own fascia, nerve responses, and muscle activation patterns.

The Rolfing Series

Traditionally, Rolfing is done in a series of ten sessions each one building upon the results of the last in the fascial restructuring of the body. Each session addresses specific body structures and their relationships to each other, keeping the unique issues of the whole person in mind.

I usually don’t recommend a ten-session series, unless you want to become a Rolfer.

With my unique approach, I find that most clients achieve their goals, and embody the changes in a Rolfing series of just 3 to 8 sessions.  And, of course, you don’t need to commit to more than one session at a time!

The First Session

In the first session, you will fill out a confidential health questionnaire and we will discuss your goals and physical history. I will assess your structure in standing, walking and sitting. Some clients have worn undergarments, but I suggest wearing shorts, and t-shirt (or sports bra) to best assess your patterns. It is most important that you feel comfortable.

The hands-on part of the session lasts about an hour. During the session you may be on a table, on a bench, or standing as we work together in exploring new options. Walking at various times during the session to assess and integrate the change is also a possibility.

The session ends with another evaluation to determine the progress that has been made and any appropriate awareness “exercises” to support new movement patterns.

Online Scheduling

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Ann, Businesswoman, Charlotte, VT

“After a series of operations, I was left with scar tissue that pulled my nose to one side and interfered with breathing evenly through both nostrils. Robert worked for an hour on my scar Upon finishing, not only was my nose was noticeably straighter (boosting my ego significantly), but I was breathing through both nostrils!”

T Reihle

“Within 18 months, I was virtually pain free, and enjoying a dramatically increased range of motion, and ease of mobility.”

Veronica, Shelburne, VT

“Having recovered from three c-sections I had a lot of scar tissue build up and often felt discomfort and tenderness in my scarring area. After Robert worked on this area I was able to touch it without cringing and felt like my torso had been put back together with my lower body.”

Jeff, Businessman, Weybridge, VT

“A lifelong runner, I had been reduced to “jogging” due to sore knees. I went to Robert to see if he could help. I’m now again RUNNING again with mostly pain-free knees!”

Barbara, Medical Intuitive, Middlebury, VT

“Robert Rex has wise hands and a healing gift. I highly recommend his services.”