We combine Rolfing with a very personalized approach to Brain-Move techniques to address each individual’s specific relationship between their brains’ impulses (from sensory to memory) and its relationship to, and affect upon the nervous system, postural positioning and bio-mechanics.

These Brain-Move techniques apply principles from somatic experiencing, developmental psychology, evolutionary biology, motivational interviewing, and neuroplasticity. It is well known that the central nervous system (brain processing and dorsal root spinal reflexes) are the precursors to how we move, perform, age. The bottom-up approach of manual therapy (working with the local nerves, muscles, and skin) respond much better to changes and new options for movement and posture, when the top-down processing of the CNS can also be shown safety, and the possibility for new options. You can embody the changes from yourself and within yourself, to then feel the new options in muscle activation patterns.

T Reihle

“Within 18 months, I was virtually pain free, and enjoying a dramatically increased range of motion, and ease of mobility.”

Jeff, Businessman, Weybridge, VT

“A lifelong runner, I had been reduced to “jogging” due to sore knees. I went to Robert to see if he could help. I’m now again RUNNING again with mostly pain-free knees!”

Barbara, Medical Intuitive, Middlebury, VT

“Robert Rex has wise hands and a healing gift. I highly recommend his services.”

Ann, Businesswoman, Charlotte, VT

“After a series of operations, I was left with scar tissue that pulled my nose to one side and interfered with breathing evenly through both nostrils. Robert worked for an hour on my scar Upon finishing, not only was my nose was noticeably straighter (boosting my ego significantly), but I was breathing through both nostrils!”

Veronica, Shelburne, VT

“Having recovered from three c-sections I had a lot of scar tissue build up and often felt discomfort and tenderness in my scarring area. After Robert worked on this area I was able to touch it without cringing and felt like my torso had been put back together with my lower body.”