Are You Suffering from Chronic, Neck, Back or Joint Pain?

Would You Like to Enjoy more Energy, Flexibility and Ease
of Movement?


At Rolfing Vermont, our patients experience noticeable relief and significant improvement in all of these areas in just a few short sessions!

Our unique, gentle approach to Rolfing® provide long-lasting results to your alignment, resulting in positive benefits and effects.

You’ll enjoy a harmony throughout your body that resonates with every movement and often results not only in the abatement of chronic pain, increased energy and vitality and freedom of movement, but also in increased performance in physical activities, and a better understanding of who you are.

It inspires us to see our patients, for whom medication and surgery had been the only viable alternatives to managing their discomfort or injury, enjoy a rapid and full recovery from the symptoms of their conditions, while actually addressing and correcting the CAUSE.

What IS Rolfing® Exactly?


Rolfing® is a holistic system of bodywork, traditionally designed around a series of sessions. (Our Approach is a bit different) The goal is to restore adaptable and stable function and structure. When misaligned, we experience subtle stresses in our bodies as we maintain our uprightness. In calming down your nervous system, Rolfers work with interoception and perceptions to allow your system to explore new options. This, in turn, can allow for structural shifts, more energy, more flexibility, resolution of pain, and improved performance.

Rolfing® is about change. Change on the inside and outside, from which you can find a balance between stability and mobility (or support and adaptability), while finding your inner length, your True Core, your essence.

Rolfers believe that pain and tension are a result of an overall pattern of imbalance in the body, one that may be held together by the connective tissue or fascial system. Fascia is a fibrous material that weaves in and around the muscles and nerves, envelopes bones and organs connecting the entire contents of the body in one big fluid, fascial web. Therefore, it is the support ultimately determining the shape and movement patterns of the individual.

With injury, lack of movement, faulty body-use habits or emotional trauma, fascia can become rigid and lose its elasticity. These conditions travel through the fascial fabric sticking the layers together. Much of the stiffness and pain that one feels as “muscular” is actually the connective tissue “hardening” the area resulting in limited or imbalance movement. Compensation patterns result.

Rolfers are trained to see these relationships and help you resolve them. My work may include some slow, deep pressure and gentle movements from you, the client. But it’s not the fascia that I am changing. Fascia is also really strong—some research shows that it can have the tensile strength of steel. A more likely explanation is that through conversation, safe touch which results in decreased sensitivity in the skin, your nervous system can find calm and safety, thereby resulting in your ability to accept new options for movement, flexibility, posture, etc.

T Reihle

“Within 18 months, I was virtually pain free, and enjoying a dramatically increased range of motion, and ease of mobility.”

Barbara, Medical Intuitive, Middlebury, VT

“Robert Rex has wise hands and a healing gift. I highly recommend his services.”

Jeff, Businessman, Weybridge, VT

“A lifelong runner, I had been reduced to “jogging” due to sore knees. I went to Robert to see if he could help. I’m now again RUNNING again with mostly pain-free knees!”

Veronica, Shelburne, VT

“Having recovered from three c-sections I had a lot of scar tissue build up and often felt discomfort and tenderness in my scarring area. After Robert worked on this area I was able to touch it without cringing and felt like my torso had been put back together with my lower body.”

Ann, Businesswoman, Charlotte, VT

“After a series of operations, I was left with scar tissue that pulled my nose to one side and interfered with breathing evenly through both nostrils. Robert worked for an hour on my scar Upon finishing, not only was my nose was noticeably straighter (boosting my ego significantly), but I was breathing through both nostrils!”